Scaled back plan for Love Street project

Posted at 6:59 PM, Mar 28, 2016

Rob Hoffman owns Jupiter Outdoor Center at the end of Love Street in Jupiter.

"Crystal clear blue water, a view of the lighthouse...we're in an ideal location," he says.

He says it is also an ideal place to embrace growth.

Hofmann says he's supported the Love Street redevelopment project from day one.

He says the recently updated plan for Love street should make it even easier for everyone to love.

"I think it's better, I think the scale is better, I think it'll fit the ambiance a little bit better being scaled back," Hofmann says.

Among the changes submitted to the Jupiter Town Council from the developer - the elimination of the parking garage and vacation houses.

Also, the total number of commercial and retail buildings are cut in half - from 24 to 12.

As a result, the total space for the new complex dips from over 90,000 square feet to 50,000 square feet. 

"There's less buildings I guess, less square footage, but it still looks pretty much like the same stuff before," says Teri Grooms, who opposes the project.

For Grooms, even with the smaller scale, she says it's still too big for Jupiter to handle - especially with Harbourside leaving a bad taste in many residents' mouths.

"We have plenty of retail, we have Harbourside which is down the street which isn't even full," she says. "It's too much in too little of a space, in too small of a road with traffic…and the lack of parking."

Jupiter's new mayor Todd Wodraska telling us with such varying opinions, the town council will have to work to a compromise.

"We're going to try to make sure that the quality of life is not injured, but at the same token we're trying to balance property rights, and give developers a chance.

Grooms, meanwhile, says she has actually submitted a counter proposal to the project, looking to turn the space into a non-commercial tropical park instead.

It should be one of the many things brought up in May, when the town council is set to vote on the new Love Street proposal.