Looming evictions at Suni Sands Mobile Home Park

Posted at 5:41 PM, Apr 04, 2016

At Suni Sands Mobile Home Park in Jupiter, the sound of human voices is faint. It's the kind of quiet residents there have come to love. But now, it's noticeably quiet.

I just can’t imagine being without the friends that I've made here," said resident Marsha Arsenault.

Evictions notices still sit on the front doors. April 30, 2016 is fast approaching. It's when residents need to be out by to make room for a new hotel and vacation style development.

Tears filled residents' eyes as they talked about how neighbors felt like family. Many have already left, leaving behind concrete slabs were mobile homes once sat.  Others are vowing to fight on. 

Many people said they planned to show up at Tuesday night's Jupiter Town Council meeting.

"We have been forewarned that the date is approaching," said Robert Coblentz, a resident.

Families were served with eviction notices in February 2015.

"I don’t have another place to go to and I don’t know when I come back where I’m going," said one resident.

Many families have complained about a lack of information and a lack of help. They said they're pushing for more time and market values for their homes. Some others accepted the $1,000 payout from the developer but said they're houses can't be moved.

"Mine has tile- Mexican tile- so they said the tile is too heavy," said Jan West. "And it would all break apart anyway. Looks as though we will have to leave it behind."

As the final days of uncertainty set in, people at Suni Sands put up signs and bumper stickers.  They're also wearing hats pushing to save Suni Sands.

"They were not gifts, they had to be purchased, but we are proud to wear them," said Coblentz.

Archaeologists plan to do a dig at Suni Sands to look for artifacts.  Those doing it said it will be done after the residents are evicted and prior to new construction. It's not expected to stop the plan from moving forward.