Jupiter River Estates neighborhood shocked by Charles Vorpagel arrest

Posted at 7:24 PM, Feb 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-10 19:26:03-05
News that a man who lived in the Jupiter River Estates neighborhood allegedly used his home to run guns and drugs is another blow to the people who live along Mohawk Street.
With the scene now clear, neighbors like Laure Bundy now reflect.
"A lot of things I really don't like seeing," says Bundy.
First, three people were murdered in 1105 Mohawk Street. Then, a suspicious package evacuated the area. Now according to investigators, one of the people living inside the home, sold drugs and guns from inside that home.
Laure says she never had a clue.

"Knowing that people were coming in and out of there and what he was doing with the drugs and that stuff, that's not good to have in your neighborhood that's for darn sure," says Bundy.
Several neighbors did not want to comment, too concerned for their safety.
Lou Topper is happy to see Vorpagel is behind bars, but he's hoping investigators solve the triple homicide case.
"Days and times that we live in it's not surprising, but it's surprising when it happens this close to your own home," says Topper.
Jupiter police will continue to have patrols in the neighborhood to make sure neighbors are safe.