Jupiter police investigating Abacoa burglaries

Posted at 4:47 PM, Dec 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-22 20:36:05-05

The Jupiter Police Department is investigating two similar crimes that happened within twenty-four hours of each other.

The first happened early Monday morning off Sweet Bay Circle in Abacoa.

It's not clear how many people broke into the house, but the homeowner says they first cut a hole in the screen door, then shattered the sliding glass door.

There were three people inside the home, and they were able to sleep through what happened.

The thieves got away with almost all of the gifts under the Christmas tree and the homeowner's purse.

Albert Lee is visiting the home, and was one of the people who slept through the crime.

"There was nothing that was taken that was not replaceable. Even if there was something that wasn't replaceable, we still have our lives. We still have our health. No one was hurt, there was no violent encounter," Albert says.

He says the crime made everyone inside the home a little uneasy and vulnerable, which is why he says he decided to lock the bedroom door Monday night as he slept.

Albert hopes the people who broke into the home get in trouble for what they did.

"I pray that the karma you have coming to you for what you've done isn't as bad as the way you left us feeling," he says.

Early Tuesday morning, a similar crime happened in another part of the Abacoa community.

According to police, residents inside a home off Segovia Way were also burglarized.

Investigators say at least three people made their way into the home through an unlocked door.

They removed several items, police say, including keys to a car.

Police say the thieves got away with a Mercedes ML350.

Late Tuesday afternoon, police say that Mercedes was found hours after the crime in Riviera Beach.

Police say the crime is similar to another one that happened in Boca Raton, and urge residents to lock all your windows and doors and use your security system if you have one.