Expansion of the Andrew Harris Reef begins

Posted at 8:57 PM, Feb 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-12 05:44:13-05

After Andrew Harris, an avid Jupiter diver, died in a tragic boating accident in 2014, an artificial reef was deployed off Jupiter inlet in his name last, it is being expanded.

Scott Harris, Andrew's dad  "I think Andrew would be very pleased to see what's being done in his memory, we've had a lot of good breaks, a lot of good people have come to help and I just have to think on some level that maybe Andrew has a hand in that."

Construction is beginning on the newest addition to the Andrew Harris artificial reef.

"We're building four different module designs, but primarily a great, never before built design with multiple layers," said Harris.

They are building these artificial coral heads with little nooks and crannies so baby fish have a chance to grow.

"We're mimicking Bahaman coral heads to create great new habitats for fish, This year's designs are new and improved, they are stronger, they are bigger, they are more intricate," said Harris.

They are going to deploy the 175 modules this summer in about 50 feet of water neat last year's reef, which already has taken up new residents.

"The reef is doing great!  It's covered in marine growth.  There are over 40 different species of fish on it. I dove it a week ago and it's just thriving with fish life," said Harris.

Creating this 'oasis in the sea' is primarily done through non-profit fundraising of money, labor, or goods, then donated to the county to deploy as an artificial reef attraction.

If you want to help, go to