Tricia Todd's family finds closure in sentencing of ex-husband

Posted at 5:55 PM, Sep 30, 2016

Tricia Todd's family says they have closure after a judge sentenced Steven Williamsto 35 years in prison.

Both her father and brother spoke directly to Williams in court Friday. They sent prayers to him and also forgave him. 

"I have failed you because you were my son-in-law for 10 years," says David Todd, Tricia's father.

David says he has closure now and hopes his former son-in-law finds God in prison.

"He let his anger build up and it's a progressive step. First it's pride then it's anger then bitterness then hatred."

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder praised the Todd family for their strength. However, he also mentioned the everlasting memory Steven Williams left on the community and the impact he had on a grieving family.

"Left an entire family who have lost a sister and two parents who have lost a daughter," says Snyder.

David is focusing on the 30 years he had with his daughter Tricia. 

"You have to have a larger frame of her gratefulness. You can't just focus on what you lost," says Todd.

As for Steven and Tricia's daughter Faith. David says she is happy.

"Doing great. She is like living in Disney World. She has a sister that is 3-years-old and a little brother that's one-year-old and so she is doing perfect."