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Tequesta neighbors react to escaped Alabama inmate's capture on their street

Posted at 4:14 PM, Aug 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-02 16:50:47-04

It was a high profile capture that caught neighbors by surprise.

The last of the escaped Alabama inmates, Brady Kilpatrick who made national headlines, was tracked to Hobart Street in Tequesta.

It was the house right next door to Marylin Tuttle.

“There were cop cars everywhere.,” said Tuttle. “I heard shouting and loud voices.”

According to the newly released arrest report, it was Brady’s younger sister Jensen Lefan and her fiancé  Hayden Mayberry who picked up Kilpatrick in a roommate’s car.

Lefan told deputies they only used cash and slept in Walmart parking lots. She also told deputies that they were heading right here to Tequesta to the home of Dakota Anthony, one of Mayberry’s childhood friends.

“It turns out that they had this surrounded,” said Mary Macchia, who came home to find deputies staked out in her yard.

“When they moved, they came right in and it was done,” said Macchia. “I have to say the Martin County Sheriff’s Office did a really great job with this.”

All of this action waking up an otherwise sleepy street, according to neighbors.

“I went on Facebook and told some buddies you won’t believe it I got that whole peanut butter bandits you know going down on my street right now which is four houses down from me.”

While he may have been clever enough to break out of jail with peanut butter, he wasn’t too smart in covering his tracks if you ask neighbors like Cory Bowman.

“He pulled the Alabama car in with the plates. He pulled it in. He didn’t even back the car in. I think that's pretty stupid. Wouldn’t you back the car in with Alabama plates on it?”