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Ticket scofflaws beware of The Barnacle; Stuart employing a new parking enforcement tool

Posted at 9:39 AM, Jul 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-18 17:58:51-04

As a parking enforcer in Stuart, James Hall says he takes a friendlier approach.

“We're a firm believer of ticketing with the heart,” he says.

The love isn't always mutual, however.

“Some people know the rules and still continue to violate,” James says.

Those chronic violators can expect something a little different the next time they approach their cars.

The old fashioned boot is getting the boot.

Say ‘Hello’ to the brand new “Barnacle”

“We kinda looked it up online,” says Code Compliance Supervisor Chalimar Gregory. “We wanted to see what the bigger cities were doing.”

Rather than going on a tire, the $600 Barnacle is placed on the windshield where suction cups do all the work.

“Put the access code on and we hit enter, and it starts…to attach to the windshield,” Gregory says. 

It all happens in about 30 seconds - and good luck getting it off of there.

“700 pounds of pressure...I think someone would have a hard time taking it off,” Gregory says.

With built in GPS, driving away with it won't work either - not that you would want to.

“I don't think anybody should try to drive with it on,” Gregory says.

As opposed to the boot, which you have to get someone else to remove, you can remove the Barnacle on your own by paying the fine. After that, you receive an access code that you input into the Barnacle.

From there, you have 24 hours to return it to the proper authorities.

For upset drivers who decide to show their displeasure, James says it provides an advantage over the old boot.

“Our backs will be turned, somebody could come hit us in the head,” he says. “As far as the Barnacle, we're in a position to protect ourselves.”




If you routinely ignore parking tickets, don't trust your luck in the city of Stuart.

Stuart Code Compliance Officers will now be utilizing a new tool to catch traffic scofflaws.

It's called The Barnacle.

It attaches to a vehicle's windshield and obstructs a driver's view.

Police say it minimizes potential damage and hazards that come with wheel boots that many municipalities have traditionally used.

If you have 5 or more unpaid tickets you could find your vehicle immobilized by The Barnacle.

Police say if you have any questions you can call Code Compliance Supervisor Chalimar Gregory at 772-600-0118 extension 3932.