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Stuart organization reacts to changes Tumblr is making about adult content

Posted at 6:44 PM, Dec 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-11 04:41:17-05

Parents are keeping a watchful eye over what their kids see online.
Elena Ledon, a mother of four kids said, Catch The Wave Of Hope" is fighting to get rid of human trafficking.

Elena and the organization are reacting after the latest decision by the social networking site Tumblr.

Starting Dec. 17, the company will not allow adult content on its website.

Janice Norman, president of the Board of Directors for Catch The Wae Of Hope said, "This decreases the number of sites that predators can go to find victims so that they can use them for human sex trafficking. Also, it decreases the way that predators groom the victims of sex trafficking. first of all, they use pornography to desensitize them to acts that they are going to require for them to do in the future."

But she warns parents still need to be vigilant.

"The battle is not over. We are continuing to fight it. but one of the things that I would share particularly with parents is just because Tumblr no longer has pornography, as soon as one thing is taken down, there's  probably five or six more sites that come up."

Parents are joining the battle with Catch The Wave Of Hope.

"They've been going into churches, and businesses and synagogues to help educate families and parents and everyone on all of the aspects of trafficking," Elena said.