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Prosecutors release dozens of Austin Harrouff's phone calls from jail

Posted at 8:04 PM, Jun 21, 2017

Prosecutors have entered hundreds of Austin Harrouff's jailhouse calls into evidence.

"I’m scared about the future,” said Harrouff in what appears to be a call to his father made soon after he first got to jail.

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He talks about being in solitary confinement. He tells his dad, “I’m walking around in my cell a lot, just pacing.”

In between the small talk, about lawyers, his health and his family, you can hear Harrouff’s father offer warning.

“I don’t want you drawing anything anymore,” said Austin's father. “You talk to Brandon about that?” Austin replied, “Yeah, I ripped it all up and threw it away.”

Harrouff is the teenager accused of ambushing and killing Martin County couple John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon last year. He also severely injured their neighbor, Jeff Fisher, who tried to step in and help the couple.

Deputies found Harrouff chewing on the flesh of one of the victims.

Harrouff spent weeks in the hospital following the incident. When he was released, he was charged with murder.

“You got to be strong here, and remember, don’t talk to anybody about anything, about the past,” Austin's father warned. 

Toxicology results later showed Harrouff was not on any mind-altering drugs at the time of killings.

His attorneys are on record saying Harrouff struggles from mental illness.

At the end of this call, his father once again reminds Austin to be careful about what he says.

“We got to be careful about things,” said Austin’s father. “I can’t emphasize this enough.”

Austin responds, “I understand that.”

His father then says, “You don’t go talking to them about the bad times.”

Back in February, prosecutors released a Skype interview between Austin Harrouff and TV personality Dr. Phil. In the interview, Austin seems to be referencing an imaginary person named Daniel.

The two also discuss Austin’s mental health.

In another one of the early jail calls released Wednesday, you can hear Austin ask his father, “Are you getting me a therapist or anything?”

He also tells his father, “It’s just hard, adjusting to jail.”

His father responds by saying, “I know you need to get a Bible, Austin.”

In this call Austin’s father can be heard applauding his son for not answering questions.

“I’m real proud of you, how you didn’t answer any questions,” his father said.

Harrouff's father also tells him he will get him the best legal support possible. "I'm going to get the best lawyer I can buy, because I love you buddy ... I'll hire two lawyers."

Harrouff also has conversations with his mother, where he describes how isolated he is in the medical wing. "I just want to go outside and be with you guys ... it's just so hard to get used to."

His mother replies "Austin, I know. Be strong."

He goes on to request someone bring him muscle magazines, TIME magazine, an easy to read bible and a journal to write in to pass the time.

Harrouff's next hearing is set for July.