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Preparedness levels vary in Martin County, as Hurricane Irma approaches Florida

Posted at 11:47 PM, Sep 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-05 00:30:28-04

Nestled away by the waters of the Indian River Lagoon sits Terry Rodgers' slice of paradise. 
“We just wanted small, easy to keep, close to both of our jobs,” she says.
She's only lived here about a month, and aside from her dog Pixie’s barking, it’s a normally quiet trailer park.
Quiet that could be disrupted in a few short days by the strong winds of Hurricane Irma. 
“It’s gonna flood if it does come,” she says.
However, in typical native Floridian fashion, Terry stands defiant. 
“Irma is not coming,” she says. “How's that?”
Her approach is a sharp contrast to her neighbors in Martin County, where the run on hurricane supplies is well underway. 

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“Rather be doing it now than next Friday,” says shopper Amanda Hunter.
For some on the Treasure Coast, Matthew's impact last year, while minimal, was a wake up call. 
The images out of Texas however are a full blown alarm.
“Harvey was less than a week ago,” Hunter says. “We've dodged a bullet for far too long.” 
Terry, meanwhile, says she's definitely keeping an eye on Irma. 
“If it's a category 3 or over, no, we'll leave,” she says. 
For now the waters are calm in paradise, and so is she. 
“Just don't panic...just take it as you go, you know?”