Judge denies request to reduce bond in Martin County drug-fueled home invasion

Nico Gallo to remain in jail on $300,000 bond
Posted at 11:07 AM, Jan 13, 2017

A Martin County judge denied Nico Gallo’s request for a bond reduction.

The sheriff’s office arrested Gallo after a home invasion in August. Investigators said Gallo was high on a psychedelic drug at the time.

Friday, Gallo’s family told the judge they can’t afford the $300,000 bond. And they want to enroll him in a residential substance abuse treatment facility.

Prosecutors argued Gallo is a danger to the community.

“It’s just an unfortunate situation,” said defense attorney Joshua Deckard. “But does Nico Gallo have a good heart? Yes. Would I be proud to have him as my neighbor? Yes. Would I be afraid of him, if he lived in my community? No.”

Gallo has admitted to and apologized for breaking into a home early on the morning on Aug. 30, 2016. The homeowner told investigators she was in fear for her life and beat Gallo with a baseball bat while her son wrestled him to the ground until deputies arrived.

Gallo will remain in the Martin County Jail on his original $300,000 bond. The judge said Gallo faces between four years and life in prison if convicted on assault and burglary charges.