Martin Co. employee leaves inmates unsupervised

Posted at 7:48 PM, Mar 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-25 06:18:29-04

A Manpower employee working for Martin County is without a job after leaving inmates unsupervised at a Stuart apartment complex.

That worker's job was to supervise and transport inmates. This particular incident did not sit well with neighbors who contacted authorities.

Senola and Michael Byrd watched as a man would come home and leave several jail inmates in his vehicle.

"They were unsupervised when no one in the truck with them," says Senola Byrd.

Byrd says it happened several times, the most recent last week. He contacted deputies.

"We can't take no chances," says Byrd.

A county spokesperson says the person Byrd saw was a temp employee with Manpower and worked in the park departments. According to that spokesperson, he was fired on Monday.

"That's unacceptable to us. We can not have that happen," says Sheriff William Snyder.

Snyder says the reason county employees are able to transport inmates is through a program allowing non-violent offenders to work.

Tonight the Sheriff says he is suspending that program.

"Until I can sit down with the county administrator and figure out exactly a way forward so we don't lose this program," says Snyder.

A county spokesperson says they plan on working with Manpower to ensure their workers follow county requirements.