Dozens come out to protest fracking in Stuart

100+ businesses sign letter to FL lawmakers
Posted at 7:12 PM, Apr 18, 2017

A small group of people gathered to send a message to lawmakers to not allow fracking.

Food and Water Water organized a rally in Memorial Park on April 18, 2017 against potential fracking in Florida.

More than a hundred businesses statewide signed a letter in protest of fracking.

The number one concern: they fear the process will negatively impact our drinking water.

"Threatening people's safe drinking water for the sake of oil industry profit is really just a terrible idea and needs to be stopped,” said Thomas Meyer, an organizer of the rally.

This group of protestors called upon state Senator Joe Negron to push through legislation to do just that.

“People need to hold their elected officials accountable to make the changes they want to see and one of the most important ones to me is to ban fracking," said Meyer.

Businesses leaders in Martin and St. Lucie counties say in addition to drinking water, they worry fracking might contaminate waterways which would hurt both the tourism and fishing industries.