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State seeks 'other portions' of Dr. Phil interview with Austin Harrouff

Posted at 7:49 PM, Sep 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-20 04:48:19-04

There were new developments Tuesday in the so called face-biting killer case.

It has to do with that video of Dr. Phil interviewing Austin Harrouff from his hospital bed via Skype.

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According to court documents, there is still another piece of the Dr. Phil interview with Harrouff
that hasn’t been released. State attorneys want to see that video, but CBS Productions plans to put up a fight.

Back in February of this year, a Martin County judge ordered the release of the interview.
The interview was conducted while Harrouff was in the hospital and before Martin County sheriff’s deputies arrested him for the murders of John Stevens and Michelle Mischon and assault of neighbor Jeff Fisher.

According to this motion filed by CBS Productions on Monday, the state has subpoenaed “other portions” of that video and CBS wants the judge to quash the subpoena.

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If the judge denies that request, CBS productions, knowing WPTV went to court and won the right to see the first video, hopes the judge will ensure the copyrighted material is protected.

Meanwhile attorneys involved in the case were in court Tuesday for docket call.

It’s still unclear what kind of defense Harrouff's attorney's plan to use

Tuesday’s hearing was pushed off until mid November.

However, the court will have to set a date for the judge to hear arguments on that video.