Palm City residents protest plans for a Costco

Posted at 8:08 PM, Mar 07, 2016

PALM CITY, Fla -- The Costco controversy in Palm City continues.

The big box store wants to set up at the corner Martin Highway and High Meadow Avenue.

However, several Palm City residents are opposed to the plans.

Monday, some of them stood outside on the various corners of near the proposed property with signs protesting, hoping to spread their message to the drivers in the area.

"You can already see the traffic concerns we have over there now," said Jon Gray.  "Add that many cars. Primarily my major concern is the traffic followed by safety of the children."

The protesters say its not about Costco, it's about the location.

Those opposed to the Costco plans say the big box store will bring major traffic issues to an area already filled with congestion. They also site safety concerns because the location is close to two public schools.

"This quaint, little sleepy community is not geared, either by infrastructure or by the amount of people that are going to be coming to this store on a regular basis," said Michael Caputo, a Palm City resident.

Back in January, Martin County staff Costco to make some changes to its application.

The company has asked for a 60 day extension and will have until May 13 to re-submit its application with the changes.

Then the staff at 60 days to review the updates.