Staff: Costco needs to make adjustments to plans

Posted at 7:23 PM, Jan 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-21 19:25:14-05

PALM CITY, Fla-- Costco wants to set up shop in Martin County. The big box store wants to build off Martin Highway and High Meadow Avenue in Palm City.

Before that can happen, county leaders want some adjustments made to the plans.

Thursday morning Martin County staff had a meeting with Costco representatives to go over Costco's application.

Costco must re-submit part of its application that includes re-doing the traffic study for Martin Highway.

Costco must also amend its building design to adhere to county rules and re-do it’s storm water runoff plan.

Palm City residents who live near the proposed site are concerned that a Costco would add to the commotion in the area. Many saying they are in favor of a Costco, but not at that location. The meeting was packed with community members many of whom spoke out against the project.

"All of them except for one person gave comment about the issues with the application that had to do with traffic, the proximity to the local middle school. safety issues, environmental issues. They raised a number of concerns," said Nicki van Vonno, director of the County's Growth Management Department.

Costco has 90 days to make the necessary changes to its application. Then the County has a period of time to review those changes before things can move forward to public hearings.