Drainage issues in Palm City affecting businesses

Posted at 11:52 PM, Jun 10, 2016

Constant rain is causing drainage back-ups affecting Treasure Coast businesses' bottom line.

The issue is plaguing The Old Palm City Plaza.

It's Friday night at La Borgata Ristorante and Pizzeria and it should be busy. However, chef Mike Liberati sees a lot of empty tables.

"Our regular customers can't get through the parking lot."

Heavy rainfall is creating ponds at the entranceway to the plaza and drainage issues along Mapp Road is the cause.

"It's pretty bad. sometimes when it rains a lot it comes all the way up to the curb," says Liberati. "Every Summer, everytime it rains people don't want to come through the parking lot because its so full."

Property owner Sandy Barringer has been fighting it for years.

"Owned the plaza since 2000 and voicing it forever."

Commissioner John Haddox says the county is aware of the issue, but funds are not there. He says engineers hope to address the issue in September.