Congressman Mast visits patients in Palm City

PALM CITY, Fla. - Jane Frawley says home-healthcare plays a vital role for her husband Thomas.

"Difficult for Tom to be going anything," said Frawley

Her husband suffered a stroke and now is sharing their story with Congressman Brian Mast who has endured the difficulty of recovery before losing both his legs in Afghanistan.

"Physical therapy that occupational therapy. I've been through that," said Mast.

The point of this meeting is to convey the value of home-healthcare services.

"Any monies that go to those situations would be helpful," said Frawley.

Mast visited two patients today in Palm City.

The Visiting Nurse Association of Florida hopes Mast can share these stories with his colleagues in Washington.

"They're looking at budgets and budget cuts up there in Washington for Medicare patients and we really when when we provide services in the home. It's such an affordable option," said Jennifer Crow with VNA.

Mast is co-sponsor of a bill that expands opportunities for training hospice care while offering incentives to attract and retain providers.

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