Operation Mangrove: More arrests in public sex sting in Martin County

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. - The Martin County Sheriff's Office has made more arrests as promised as a result of a two-month long investigation called Operation Mangrove.

They are among the 45 men who were caught on camera engaging in sexual acts in public.

MCSO confirmed that at least five more men were arrested Thursday. There are now at least two dozen men behind bars. The sheriff's office vows to arrest all of them

“Pretty shocked that it's going on right here. Its kind of scary,” said one beachgoer at Bob Graham Beach.

Bob Graham Beach was one of the two spots under investigation with hidden camera after several complaints of public sex acts and naked men.

While no one has been caught on those cameras, just down the road at Joe's River Park, hidden cameras there captured 45 men in the act.

"We have very clear and graphic, compelling video evidence of these crimes," said Sheriff William Snyder.

Snyder says detectives discovered ads on Craigslist attracting men to these two locations specifically to have sex.

They were able to identify the men by the license plates on their car.

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