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Martin County Sheriff says emergency response team ready to respond to Florence if asked

Posted at 4:31 PM, Sep 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-14 09:37:44-04

The Martin County Sheriff's Office is on standby, ready to send in a team of first responders to the Carolinas if called upon. At the same time, Sheriff William Snyder said they are preparing in South Florida in the midst of hurricane season.

Sheriff Snyder said he is praying for the Carolinas and watching things closely.  He's also waiting for a call to send help. 

"We are in the queue," he said. 

MCSO has two, 20-person rapid response teams, trained to federal standards. Sheriff Snyder has volunteered their services to respond.

"If they get in trouble, we can send a 20-person team," he said. "I wouldn’t send all 40, because those storms are backing up out there, and I can’t leave Martin County unprotected."

One of the ways Snyder plans to protect people in Martin County is through the use of an emergency response vehicle. It was recently updated with stretchers and IV bags, so deputies and first responders can respond to any type of emergency. 

"If you need us, we are coming," he said.

Sheriff Snyder wants you to take comfort in the military-style emergency response vehicle. 

"I know when they roll out in this they are going to be safe," he said. He added, it navigates storm surge to a certain degree and pretty much any wind speed. 

"We responded in circumstances over the years that were pretty dangerous," he said. "This gives me a lot of comfort."