Martin County warns of flooding threats during rain, high tides

PALM CITY, Fla. - Martin County officials are monitoring coastal conditions and areas in western Martin County for flooding due to heavy rains and king tides.

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Kathy Fitzpatrick, a coastal engineer for Martin County said, "The beaches are doing their jobs. Healthy beaches protect roads and structures, and that's what we've seen so far this season. At this time, there is no immediate threat to upland structures or coastal roads."

Martin County Ocean Rescue Chief Brad Beckett said he and his staff "are closely monitoring the weather's impact on guarded beaches. We're flying red flags and encouraging people to utilize extreme caution."

He added that residents can call 772-320-3112 for updated beach conditions. 

Martin County Field Operations crews are working to clear swales and drainage inlets along with removing several recently collapsed pipes to allow water to flow freely through the channels.

Some areas in Hobe Sound, Pinetree and Mocking Bird lanes and Dyer Point in Palm City and the St. Lucie Settlement in Stuart are experiencing some flood conditions consistent with high tides, storm surge and heavy rain. 

With regard to Lake Okeechobee and the S-80 structure, "Martin County continues to work in partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to manage the flow of water through the S-80 structure and other associated Lake Okeechobee operations and notify residents of conditions and potential threats," said Deb Drum, Martin County Ecosystem Manger.   

County leaders remind people to never walk or drive in the flood waters and don't let children play near canals or storm drains when the water is rising or high.

To report serious road flooding issues, contact Martin County Field Operations at 772-692-5284. 

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