Martin County mother and daughter missing and endangered

Posted at 7:13 PM, Sep 17, 2016


The Sheriff's Office in Martin County is hoping to hear from a mother and daughter, last seen two weeks ago.  The pair is considered missing and endangered.

Sheriff William Snyder says there's no crime involved, and based on the facts they have so far, it doesn't call for an Amber Alert for the 3 year-old daughter.  Still, there are red flags.

After two weeks of no contact, Beth Reichard reached out to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, concerned about her daughter Melanie Reichard, and granddaughter Lily.

“Just an adorable child.  She really needs to be around her family.  Very important she get back here," said Beth Reichard.

The sheriff’s office says they may be with  46- year-old Chester Smith.  Sheriff William Snyder says Melanie Reichard’s history has them wanting to connect with her.

"Suffice it to say Melanie has had some lifestyle issues and taking a look at her past, make us uncomfortable for her safety and we want to contact her," said Sheriff Snyder.

The sheriff says they’re not looking to break up the family.

 “Not looking to arrest her and not looking to take the child away.  Our sole concern is for the mother and daughter welfare and that there’s nothing going on," said Sheriff Snyder.

Their names have been placed in the National Crime Information Center database.  The sheriff adding that with the recent case of Tricia Todd, a missing woman later found murdered, these cases bring a heightened awareness.

“Unfortunately that was a tragic ending so we’re sensitive, careful and rather err on the side of caution.”

Chester Smith was believed to be driving a silver PT Cruiser.  They may have been heading north to Tennessee.


MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. -- The Martin County Sheriff's Office is seeking information on the whereabouts of 31-year-old Melanie Reichard and her 3-year-old daughter Lily.

They may be in the company of 46-year-old Chester R. Smith. He has slightly longer hair than he does in the photograph and may be wearing a skull cap.

MCSO says Melanie may have willingly gone with Chester, but her family says she is in a fragile emotional state and they are concerned for her and her baby Lily's safety.  They are considered missing and endangered.

The three of them may be traveling in a silver PT Cruiser. It is possible they are heading to Tennessee.  If you see Melanie, Lily, or Chester, please call 911.