Suspect arrested in Martin County homicide

Posted at 9:20 AM, Mar 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-11 23:28:00-05


Sheriff's deputies believe they know who murdered 18 year old Tyler Mike.

A 17 year old is now accused of shooting and killing Fannie Admore's nephew.

"God is not sleep. I told my husband 'before the night is over, they will have somebody," Admore says. "If you big enough to pull the trigger, be a man and stand up and own up to it." 
Sheriff William Snyder says a witness saw the shooting in the Booker Park neighborhood.
He says both the suspect and victim were apparently meeting up there aground 9 Thursday night. 

It's not clear why. 
"[He] came up on a bicycle, and while he was sitting on the bicycle actually opened fire on our victim," Sheriff William Snyder says. 
Mike's body wasn't found until around 7 Friday morning by a school bus driver. 
Friends are trying to make sense of the violence. 
In a small town like this, Veronique Trimble says every loss hits hard.

"It actually touches home," Trimble says. "It's not like it's someone that you don't know, it's someone that grew up with your kids, someone that comes to the local churches."
Trimble says the potential loss of innocence is also devastating.
Several kids in the neighborhood witnessed Tyler's body lying in the road Friday morning as they made their way to school.
"To wake up that morning, and my daughter walks past to head to her bus stop, and to say 'Mom, I seen him laying on the ground'…now that's going to affect my child," Trimble says.  
That 17 year old is being charged with first degree murder. 

He will be transported to the juvenile facility in Ft. Pierce to be processed, and then return to the Martin County Jail.

The sheriff says his resource officers will meet with school officials to offer counseling to the kids who saw the body.

It's News Channel 5's policy not to name a juvenile arrested for a crime unless that person is charged as an adult. 




The Martin County Sheriff's Office has arrested a 17-year-old in connection with a homicide in Indiantown.

Deputies were dispatched Friday morning to 172nd Avenue and Palm Beach Street which is the Booker Park neighborhood.

That's where a bus driver discovered a body identified as 18-year-old Tyler Ja'bar Mike of Indiantown.

Children heading to school also saw the body, according to the sheriff's office.

Witnesses reported hearing multiple gunshots Thursday around 9 p.m.

Friday afternoon Martin County Sheriff William Snyder announced the arrest of a 17-year-old suspect.

Officials said the teen pulled up on a bicycle and shot Mike.

Investigators credit the quick arrest to a witness and community cooperation.

The suspect is charged with first degree murder with a firearm.