Community holds vigil for missing Hobe Sound mom

Posted at 4:45 AM, May 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-02 09:37:26-04

On Sunday night, community members united to pray for a missing Hobe Sound mother.

This comes as authorities move into their sixth day of searching for Tricia Todd and still have no answers.

Todd was reported missing Wednesday after she didn’t show up to pick up her child that morning.

The Sunday night sky lit up with candles as hundreds gathered in Hobe Sound for a prayer vigil. 

“It makes me feel a lot of love and appreciation for my community,” said Rebecca Hasselbach, Tricia’s mom. 

“I’ve just been overwhelmed,” said Tricia’s brother Nathan Todd. “My whole family has been overwhelmed by the amount of support that everyone has given.”

Authorities and volunteers have been searching for five days now, on the ground and in the air, hundreds of acres in a specific five-mile radius.

“We are microscopically going through Tricia Todd’s life,” said Martin County Sheriff William Snyder, who was also at Sunday’s vigil. “We’re trying to look at every sentence she’s ever written on the internet. We’re trying to look at anything she’s ever done on Facebook.”

According to the sheriff, detectives found her car near her home in Hobe Sound with the key in the ignition and her purse inside. Snyder says her ex-husband was the last person to report seeing her.

While there are still so few answers in her disappearance, hope is still not lost. A family rooted in faith is now turning to the power of prayer to find strength to keep searching.

“As sad as it is to know that there are some results that are not what we’re hoping for, I know that we can all grow and learn from it."

The community has been sending out fliers and even reaching out on social media with a Facebook page to help in the search efforts.

The sheriff has said there are a few possible scenarios as to what could have happened to Tricia Todd.

However, Snyder said Sunday night that the longer this goes the more likely it is that they are now looking for a crime scene. 

The sheriff says they will be out searching again Monday morning but will soon have to decide when to scale back their efforts.

Deputies will be re-interviewing Todd’s ex-husband face-to-face in North Carolina sometime this week. They say he has been cooperating with the investigation.