Former EPA administrator is coming to the Treasure Coast on behalf on Hillary Clinton

Posted at 5:56 PM, Sep 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-09 18:31:42-04

Former Environmental Protection Agency administrator, Carol Browner, is coming to the Treasure Coast Monday on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

The news comes months after Martin County commissioners voted to invite both presidential candidates to come to the Treasure Coast to witness the algae problem firsthand.

Commissioner John Haddox said it's crucial both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton become aware of the issue.

"This is an important issue not just for our local counties and municipalities, but it's also a critical issue for the state of Florida. What affects the economy in Florida affects the economy of the United States," Haddox said.

He hopes the visit by Browner will spark change from the Clinton campaign.

"Maybe we'll get a response back on how she will plan on helping with our issue," he said.

Mark Perry, executive director of the Florida Oceanographic Society, said the visit will be beneficial even though algae isn't present in local waterways right now.

He said it cleared up about nine weeks ago.

"She'll see the pictures, she'll see the background, we'll show her exactly what it looked like back then," Perry said.

He said Browner's experience with environmental issues will be extremely helpful to those who continue to suffer due to the algae.

"This is a really big issue, not just for this community but for the whole state and we need to address this," he said.

Not everyone is on board with the visit.

Jordan Schwartz is the owner of Ohana Surf Shop on Hutchinson Island. He said the visit should've come sooner.

"It's too little, too late. This businesses are suffering or are closing," he said.

He believes the visit is all about politics and not to help those impacted by the algae.

Commissioners said Donald Trump's campaign has not responded to their invite to visit the Treasure Coast. The say the invitation is still open.