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Firefighters battle hotspots, windy conditions in Martin County

Posted at 4:46 PM, Feb 16, 2017
and last updated 2019-03-26 23:46:49-04

Firefighters say they could be battling hot spots for at least a couple more days following several brush fires Wednesday.

Florida Forest Service says they are in good shape.

Senior Forest Ranger Jeff Curl was near Cove Road checking hot spots Wednesday where a 23-acre brush fire threatened homes the day before.

"We don't want any rekindling or anything starting back up," said Curl.

Martin County Fire Rescue has more than 20 firefighters working four different scenes.

"Just know that we have a lot of personnel. We're mitigating the scene," said Battalion Chief Matt Fenex.

They're hoping they did enough today to prevent any flare-ups.

"Once the winds die down, I know we'll be feeling a lot better," said Melissa Yunas with Florida Forest Service.

Yunas is also asking for the public's help.

"Maybe staying out of the woods with your ATVs. Try not to intentionally start a wildfire if you're welding or maybe don't park on tall grass," she said.

The good news is things are looking better. "Just a test of our strengths and capabilities and we know it's going to get worse this next couple of months as it comes along."