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Face-biting suspect Austin Harrouff's legal team argues Dr. Phil video interview is still incomplete

Posted at 5:56 PM, Nov 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-22 08:39:10-05

There are new developments in the Austin Harrouff murder case. Tuesday all sides went to court to continue their fight over the teenager’s interview with Dr. Phil.

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Harrouff is known nationwide as the suspected face-biting killer.

WPTV went to court earlier this year to fight for the release of the interview he did with Dr. Phil.

CBS, which produces the show, eventually released the tape. However, a second tape has come to light, and Harrouff’s legal team says it’s not complete.

The Skype interview was conducted from Harrouff's hospital bed, before he was arrested and charged with the August 2016 murders of John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon and the attack on their neighbor Jeff Fisher.

It was once again the focus of another court hearing in Martin County, Tuesday.

In September, we learned there was a portion of the tape that CBS failed to release. CBS eventually turned over the second tape to the prosecutor. However, Harrouff’s lawyers argued that tape is still missing pieces of the video.

“The defense has a right to investigate completely, particularly with the way material can be produced, altered and edited and manipulated, for lack of a better word. So it is our position that we have a right to some total of everything,” said Harrouff's defense attorney Nellie King in court.

The prosecutor told the judge that there were small parts edited out. However, he said it was only when Harrouff could not be seen or heard because of the Skype connection. 

The judge ruled Harrouff’s attorneys should pursue the rest of the video from CBS. Then they can argue the second motion they’ve filed. They are hoping seal the second tape so it is not released to the public.

Harrouff’s father did not respond to comment after the hearing.

The family for Stevens and Mishcon were also in court Tuesday.