Entire Tricia Todd case file released

Posted at 4:08 PM, Nov 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-17 04:50:40-05

The Martin County Sheriff's Office has released the entire Tricia Todd case file.  

Todd died at the hands of her ex-husband Steven Williams in April.

The file is more than 2,000 pages of interviews, case notes and transcripts, along with dozens of DVDs.

But in all of the footage, detectives say a three-second clip is all it took to catch Stevens in a lie when he tried to deny involvement in Todd's disappearance.

Stevens is seen walking down US 1 the night of Todd's murder. He told detectives he was not in the area that night.

The couples' young daughter, Faith, 2, is also heard telling detectives that she did not know where her mom was. An investigator is heard asking the girl if her mom was hurt, and asks her to describe her mother's injuries.

The case file also reveals how detectives worked to get a confession.

In one of the videos released Wednesday, a law enforcement official says to Williams, “Your daughter is going to grow up knowing that dad got rid of mom’s body. “

“I don’t know anything about getting rid of a body.  I don’t even know what you’d do with a body,” he answers.

Williams had told detectives to this point, that he found Todd dead in this Hobe Sound home and that he then took her body somewhere, but he couldn’t recall where.
Later, under questioning, Williams would say he shoved Todd, causing her to hit her head and that killed her. 

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As part of his plea deal, Williams would get 35 years behind bars if he led investigators to Todd’s body.
Williams is later seen in a car with detectives and he is wearing an orange jumpsuit.  They make their way out to the Hungryland Preserve in a very rural stretch of Martin County. 
Williams, shackled at the hands and feet, carries a small red flag which he plants at the burial site.

Investigators in hazmat suits take over and work into the night unearthing a container that held Tricia Todd’s remains. 

Her body had been dismembered, and much of it had been eaten away because of acid found inside the container.
Divers recovered a saw in the canal near the burial site that Williams used. According to Martin County sheriff William Snyder, the case is among the most brutal crimes he’s ever seen.