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Martin County Sheriff's Office releases video of suspects in Jupiter Island home invasion

Posted at 9:53 PM, Jan 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-24 21:53:22-05

It’s a rare occurrence for Martin County law enforcement. 

“None of us remember a home invasion on Jupiter Island,” says Martin County Sheriff William Snyder

Early Saturday morning, surveillance cameras were rolling as two men made their way into an unlocked back door at a home on Links Road. 

“The occupants were in their 60s, it was a husband and wife, they were sleep,” Sheriff Snyder says. “The husband was awaken first by a flashlight shining in his eyes and he saw the suspect standing over the bed with a gun.”

The men ordered the couple to the ground. The sheriff said they stole jewelry, credit cards, a duffel bag of cash and electronics. 

The entire time the victims told deputies the robbers were unusually polite, and told them to wait 30 minutes before they called police. Then the two stood outside the couple’s window to see what move they would make next. 

After waiting about 20 minutes, the couple drove their golf cart to the police station. 

Investigators are now asking neighbors for help. 

“Anybody on Jupiter Island…if you would check your video from Saturday - really throughout the night - just take a look at it and see if you see anybody in your backyard. It’ll be extremely helpful for us.”

Sheriff William Snyder said this robbery is an important reminder for other homeowners, don’t let your guard down. 

“Make sure your doors are locked, and make sure your alarm is on if you have one. Either one of those two, or a combination, would have prevented this from happening.”

The sheriff’s office says the couple was not hurt in the invasion. 

They’re asking anyone with info to call investigators.