Day 2 of Bridget Kirouac medical marijuana trial brings out evidence, weed seized from her home

Posted at 7:19 PM, Sep 13, 2016

Day 2 of a medical marijuana trial got underway Tuesday in Martin County.
Deputies say Bridget Kirouac was growing pot in her home.
She claims she grew the marijuana to treat her chronic illness.

Kirouac claims she lives her life in pain due to bone spurs, arthritis, and several other conditions.

Tuesday, the state rolled out their evidence, showing exactly what they found in her home in May of 2014 - including fans, lights, filters, and 20 marijuana plants.

Deputies say the followed Kirouac home from a hydroponics store, after they suspected her of growing marijuana.

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The undercover agent on the stand today talked about Kirouac's demeanor when they entered her home.

"In essence, she was very forthcoming, didn't really appear to be hiding anything," he says. "She essentially admitted 'Hey, I'm growing cannabis, I'm growing marijuana here, but it's for medical purposes.'"

Kirouac moved here from Maine where medical marijuana is legal, and claims she had a recommendation from her doctors there for marijuana.

Her attorney will argue the recommendation should be considered a legal prescription under Florida law, a first for a jury trial here in the state.

Kirouac is expected to take the stand to testify on Wednesday

If found guilty of cultivating and possessing marijuana, she could spend up to 5 years in prison.