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Concerns in Martin County over beach algae into holiday weekend

Posted: 5:15 PM, Aug 29, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-29 17:49:02-04

Algae sampled at Bathtub Beach last week came back slightly toxic.

The good news is algae has not been sighted this week and the beaches are back open.

The bad news is there's a possibility more algae can make its way to the Atlantic.

"Harmful algae may be present" signs remain at Bathtub Beach. Joy and Greg Jay from Virginia now have some questions.

"Wondering how it got here," said Joy. "Haven't seen that here. Once heard about beaches getting shut down."

It's not a unique situation for algae to make its way into saltwater. It just dies quickly.

"When it dies it's going to dump all its toxins," said Jim Sullivan at FAU Harbor Branch.

Which may explain why algae tested at Bathtub Beach came back slightly toxic.

"If algae keeps coming into the estuary and have a lot of it, it's going to get out and eventually into the Atlantic Ocean," said Sullivan.

That's not good because discharges ramped up last week.

It's bad for Labor Day weekend and could be bad for Michael Mauri who owns a fly-fishing charter business.

"Which means we have to run even farther and find places where we can," said Mauri.