Blue-green algae leads to smaller holiday crowds on Martin County beaches

Posted at 6:50 PM, Jul 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-05 07:14:28-04

For Maureen Ray, a perfect day at Bathtub Beach also came with the perfect spot - one that wasn't hard to find. 
“We’re going to be sitting by the beach by ourselves - that was pretty much the thought until two people came,” she says.

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The blue-green algae threat kept beach goers away from one of Martin County's most popular beaches, as the water was off limits.
Maureen, who is visiting from New Jersey, says that provided a much different atmosphere than the one she remembers from last year.
“Much more crowded, festive, people were in the water snorkeling.”
As red flags warned swimmers of the danger Monday, lifeguards also kept a close eye on the water - warning folks to stay out. 
Less than three miles away at Stuart beach, there were no red flags to be found.
As for the beach goers...
“Not too many, surprisingly,” says resident Rabih Kashouty. “I was hesitant to bring my kids here...because of the algae situation.”
There was no algae at Stuart Beach - but no large crowds either. 
“It’s very disappointing,” says resident Carolina McClay. “This is why you move here - to have the beach, to have the opportunity to take your kids here. 
No matter which beach you were on, the hope was the same - an end to the crisis. 
“It should be taken care of,” Ray says. “We need to swim in our oceans and have clean water.”
If you plan on heading to the beach Tuesday, Martin County has set up a hotline that you can call to check conditions. 

The number is 772-320-3112.