After brutal Martin Co. murder, classmate of Austin Harrouff provides glimpse into his school life

Posted at 12:44 AM, Aug 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 10:38:56-04

For 19-year-old Olivier Joseph, the circumstances surrounding the case were almost too much to believe. 
“How the police had to come in, the K-9 unit…this is all very dramatic stuff,” Joseph says. “Very theatrical, very, you know, out there. Almost movie like.”
It was no movie, but in reality, a true horror. 
A Martin County husband and wife are dead, their neighbor is seriously injured - and the man behind it all, Austin Harrouff , was someone Joseph has been sitting in class with since the 9th grade. 
“Obviously it's not everyday that one of the people you know eats somebody and commits…a double homicide,” Joseph says.
Joseph attended Suncoast High and then Florida State University with Austin Harrouff. 
He says Harrouff was once a shy high school freshman.
“Early on in high school, very quiet kid,” Joseph says. “Maybe a little bit socially lacking.” 
Joseph says he saw that change as Harrouff got involved in sports, and his popularity grew. 
“As he shifted and met different types of people, maybe he wasn't prepared to handle that type of attention,” he says. “I think freshman Austin wouldn't have done this.”
As the investigation continues, he doesn't want the memory of the victims to get lost in the middle of the discussion. 
“I think people need to focus on that. Two people died, you know what I mean?”
It’s a tragedy that has left more questions than answers. 
Olivier and his fellow Suncoast grads are now left to wonder why their friend took such an ugly turn. 
“This kid had a lot of potential in a lot of different ways. For it to go this way and now his condition might be deteriorating…its just a tragedy.”