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Activists create group to post algae photos

Posted at 5:02 PM, Jun 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-14 18:58:53-04

Activists want you to help them track that green sheen that's becoming a common sight in the St. Lucie River.

They've created a Facebook page where you share video or pictures of algae.

This comes as fears of another 2016 crisis grow.

Today Michael and Emily Mauri were out on the lagoon.

They own a fly fishing business and have noticed a big change over the last few weeks.

"Look right there," said Michael pointing at some algae.

The algae is impacting their business as they're forced to spend more money on fuel to travel further.

"Tons of businesses we depend on clear water," said Michael.

Today they were also documenting the algae.

"Don't want people out here touching, breathing, or swimming," said Emily.

Which is where Jennie Pawlowsky and Kim Streiber come into play. They helped create a Facebook Page called #Toxic18 where people can post photos and videos of algae.

"See what other neighborhoods are being affected," said Jennie.

So far group has garnered more than two thousand members and growing. It's all bringing awareness of what's happening on the river.

"It breaks my heart. I've witnessed a major deterioration and I'm only 42," said Kim.