4 teens arrested for throwing rocks at cars in Martin County

Posted at 10:38 AM, Dec 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-25 20:39:52-05

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. -- Four teenagers from Jupiter and Tequesta have been arrested for throwing rocks at passing cars in Martin County.

Martin County Sheriff's Office Air 1 captured video of the group throwing rocks on Thursday evening in the area of Red Root Way and SE Island Way.

Deputies saw the teens hiding near a fence line as they waited for vehicles to approach.

As cars get closer, the suspects were seen launching rocks targeting the vehicles.

MCSO Air 1 was able to lead uniform patrol deputies to the location where the teens were throwing rocks.

The group of teens ran when deputies approached, but were captured within minutes.

The group included 4 boys, 3 of them are 16-years-old and 1 is 17-years-old.

Each suspect was charged with at least one count of throwing a deadly missle into an occupied conveyance, which is a felony.

So far, Deputies say four victims have reported that their vehicles were hit by rocks. If you were also a victim, call MCSO at 772-220-7170 to report the incident.