Vero Beach residents still dealing with power outages

Posted at 8:53 AM, Oct 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-09 08:53:20-04

Many are still dealing with power outages across our area. Power companies working tirelessly to restore power to thousands of people.

Woodlawn Manor in Vero Beach is a community with majority of people over the age of 55. They've been without power since the storm hit.

Trine Knebber understands power outages following a hurricane, but she admits Saturday has been frustrating.

"We need electric, it's too darn hot."

Her electricity went out early Friday morning. She's been taking cold showers frequently and has only gotten a few hours of sleep.

She's also running out of food.

"How much can you cook with candles and a flashlight? Not very much," says Knebber.

Trine is more than 90 people in the community without power.

Vero Electric is working as fast as they can to restore power.

However the community has had enough and hoping the power comes back on.

"Every bit of our food is gone. It's ridiculous."