Michael Jones appeared before a judge Friday

Posted at 9:23 PM, May 12, 2017

The man accused of killing a Vero Beach nurse almost three years ago made an appearance in court Friday. That’s where NewsChannel 5 learned a trial date still has not been set.

Michael Jones is accused of brutally murdering his on-again, off-again girlfriend Diana Duve in June of 2014.

Police say Jones strangled her and then stuffed her body in the trunk of her own car. Investigators discovered the car in a Publix shopping center in Melbourne a few days later.

At Friday’s hearing Jones was not in handcuffs or an orange jumpsuit, a frustrating sight to Duve’s parents who were also in the courtroom.

“He brutally murdered her and he gets to come here all dressed up,” said Lena Andrews, Duve’s mother.

“There is no punishment severe enough that this monster can get for what he’s done,” said Andrews.

What’s even more frustrating for this family is the fact that the case still has not gone to trial.
“Why it should take more than 3 years to bring him to justice? Why,” said Andrews.
And at Friday’s hearing, they learned that wait will continue. The prosecutor told the judge he’s still waiting on certain evidence to be turned over from the defense. The defense told the judge they need more time.
The next hearing is set for the end of August. The State has indicated it will be seeking the death penalty.