Crowds greet former President George W. Bush at Vero Beach Book Center

Posted at 7:36 PM, Apr 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-26 19:38:34-04

T.J. Fagan spent years in the Army and in the Marines.

"I spent three years in South Korea on the border flying attack aircrafts," said Fagan, 

Fagan still remembers his piloting days like it was just yesterday.

"I have had cousins killed in aircraft accidents, close friends killed in mid air collisions, I had a Marine shot and that was over a 15 year career."

That's why Fagan wanted to stand in line to meet former President George W. Bush at this Vero Beach Book Center to sign his new book "Portraits of Courage."

"I love the Bushes for them putting the money towards veterans, it's awesome," Fagan said.

Turns out Fagan didn't meet the President, nonetheless he appreciates how Mister Bush is helping all men and women who serviced.

"I served with men, I watched men die and it's emotional. My whole family is former military and I'm a patriot at heart," he added.

The Ohs family waited in line to get a signed book. Holly Ohs, who homeschool her son Brogan, told NewsChannel 5 she was teaching her son about our presidents when she heard President Bush would be in town.

"I said would you like to meet a President, he's like a real president, like a real president?"

The entire family joined in.  10-year-old Brogan said, "It's really awesome, and I always wanted to meet a president too."

Mister Bush's book honors the women and men who served our country, some of whom were sent into harms way. 

"What he has done with the paintings and the veterans and the wars that we were in, there's real meaning."

More than 1,300 people got the chance to stand in line outside and then inside. Many of them, waiting to eventually get a brief moment with President Bush. Most told NewsChannel 5 the experience was worth the wait.

"It's just a great honor. My father was an Air Force pilot buried at Arlington. My brother went to the Academy and he's a retired Air Force pilot, we traveled all over the world. I was raised to honor this country," said Elizabeth Covington.

Proceeds from the book's sale will go to post 9/11 veterans transitioning to civilian life.