Joe Nathaniel, IRC teacher involved in altercation with student last November, faces termination

Posted at 8:33 PM, Oct 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-17 20:49:37-04

Desks went flying and emotions were flaring in an Indian River County school last November. 

The video of an altercation between a teacher and student went viral. 

Now that teacher, Joe Nathaniel, is facing termination. 

“It's in God's hands, and I believe the truth will come out,” Nathaniel told WPTV Monday.

Facing the end of his teaching career in Indian River County, Coach Joe Nathaniel comments on what he says has been a challenging year. 

Today in an Indian River County Courtroom, attorneys for both sides presented their case. 

The attorney for the school district calling several witnesses forward -  including students in the classroom during the fight. 

“Did it appear to you that Isaiah was going towards the teacher, or trying to avoid the situation with the teacher?” he asked one student.

“I think he was trying to avoid the situation” the student responded.

Nathaniel, however, says the video doesn't show the entire altercation or what lead up to it - namely Speights being the aggressor.

Witnesses called up Monday weren't able to fill those gaps. 

Nathaniel says he's grateful for those in the community who have supported him, and is hoping for a quick resolution. 

“I miss my my students, I miss my classroom, and I'm just ready for it it all to be over with,” he says. “The truth will come out. The truth will prevail.” 

The trial is supposed to last until the middle of the week, after which a judge will make the final decision.