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'35 on the Drive': Residents increasing awareness, sheriff upping enforcement on Indian River Drive

Posted at 7:30 PM, Jun 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-19 19:30:43-04

You can call it the cost of living in paradise. 

For all the gorgeous views Indian River Drive provides for the Boyd family, some things aren't so pretty. 

“Sometimes it's risking your life,” Dusty Boyd says.

His porch is a front row seat to speeders and distracted drivers. 

“Unless is the President of the United States calling you, there's no need to be picking up your phone,” Dusty’s son Denali says.

The numbers support his family's observations.

Statistics from 2016 provided by the St. Lucie County Sheriff shows Indian River Drive saw 10 DUI's, 30 crashes, and 182 speeding tickets. 

“Speeding, traffic,'s been a chronic problem for us,” Sheriff Ken Mascara says.

He says for some, the drive is a road of opportunity. 

“There's no red lights. Even though the speed limit is 35, they tend to do 55.”

His department is now putting the brakes on offenders by pushing an awareness campaign on social media and allocating more resources towards enforcement on the drive. 

The sheriff hopeful that the increased presence will get across a simple message - ’35 on the drive’.

If not for your own sake, Dusty says at least for the sake of his children. 

“For my two kids, if they cross the road...there's a lot of danger now,” Dusty says.

Denali agrees.

“It’s not that hard to slow down, really.”

Going 10 miles over the speed limit will net you a $206 ticket plus 3 points on your license. 

Passing a driver on a double line is $166 plus 3 points.