West Palm mayor, spokesperson asked to resign

Posted at 4:57 AM, Sep 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-16 04:57:45-04

The fallout over confidential emails released by the city of West Palm Beach takes center stage at the city’s commissioner meeting.

Even with an apology from the mayor and city spokesperson, several residents still called for their resignation.

"I hope the Feds come down on you guys and I hope they take you with them,” Paul McCullough said.

McCullough a retired cop questioned commissioners how thousands of sensitive emails could be released to the public.

"2000 emails, come on, that's just terrible,” McCullough said. "If they did that to me, they shouldn't be around."

Last week, the city's spokesman Elliott Cohen responded to a Contact 5 Investigators' public records request for city emails. On Tuesday, he said while posting them online, he unknowingly released classified police officer information.

Mayor Jeri Muoio said the posts were done in an effort to provide better transparency with hot topic issues; however she says they were done at Cohen’s discretion.

“Well I knew we were going to put some online, he decided what went on,” Muoio said.

The fallout has residents calling for both their resignations.

"Well, obviously I'm not going to resign, also obviously I'm not asking for Elliot’s resignation, nor am I going to fire him."

Commissioner Paula Ryan says her concern is for the undercover informants ruined by the leak. She told commissioners she got a call from one of them in tears. The city says they are working with the agencies affected to protect them.

Moving forward the city manager says the city clerk will be the only source for obtaining documents. Jeff Green says the clerk will be utilizing two servers, a city server and a police server to prevent classified information from being released. 

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