WPB Church collecting water for Flint, Michigan

Posted at 7:29 PM, Feb 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-11 19:29:26-05

Trevant Richardson is getting hundreds of water bottles ready for shipping.

They're headed to residents dealing with toxic water in Flint, Michigan. Richardson said,  "Thought we would bring a few cases and would get it up there, but our bishop said he wanted to fill a 53 foot trailer going to Flint, Michigan."

The water collection started because of concerned church members.

Bishop AJ Wright with the Shiloh Family Worship Center in West Palm Beach said,  "Church members right here in our congregation who are from flint and they began to share with me about the situation that was going on in Flint."

Bishop Wright says he started praying and within days his prayers were answered, beyond what he expected."A Jewish synagogue, they've decided to connect with us. The police department, the Sheriff's Office and various churches."

 So far the church says it has collected about 12 pallets of water.

They are hoping to fill an 18 wheeler by this weekend with a total of 20 pallets.

The water will then be transported to Michigan by a volunteer truck driver.

Bishop Wright added, "Words cannot express how I feel. I feel absolutely overwhelmed with joy." For this church, it's showing compassion. "In a time of need or in a time of emergencies we all band together no matter what party we stand on politically, no matter what color we are. We as human people we take care of one another."

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