Working to reduce texting while driving

Posted at 7:58 PM, Apr 14, 2017

We live in one of the worst states in the country when it comes to using a phone while behind the wheel. Car accident attorney Chase Nugent isn't surprised by this recent study.

"It's not surprising at all. You see more rear end collisions all the time now. And the people are hitting people harder now because they are not paying attention to the road," said Nugent.

Another driver said, "It's definitely a very scary thing especially with children in the car. It can really pose a threat."

James Choban with the Safety Council, is a driver's education instructor in school. He says teens are easily distracted by their

"They love their phones, I see them use it around school and we discourage that as part of driving. It's part of the lessons, we tell them what happens people that text and drive," said Choban.

Local Representative Emily Slosberg is already on a mission. She has two bills that would make texting and driving in our state a primary offense.

"If you are inexperienced as a driver and you put a phone in their hands it's deadly. The number one cause of death in teens is traffic crashes," Slosberg.

She wants Floridians to speak up. "Don't text and drive and if you agree with us about it being a primary offense, write your legislature."

Until then, people like Choban will warn drivers of all ages to drive safely.

"If you go 60 miles an hour you travel 90 feet per second and it takes you two or three seconds to make a text, you've  traveled almost a length of a football field. And a lot can happen within that length of the football field," he said.