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Why many of your favorite websites are protesting the FCC Wednesday

Posted at 4:43 PM, Jul 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-12 19:05:45-04

Many of your favorite websites like Netflix and Google looked very different on Wednesday for Net Neutrality Day. 

The tech giants want you to take action and contact members of Congress and the FCC to tell them to fight any changes to net neutrality. 

The FCC is proposing new rules which, it claims, will cut red tape and bring faster internet to people. 

But critics are saying it will do the opposite and allow internet providers to speed up some pages while slowing down others. 

“Imagine your water company told you: We don’t mind you using the water to for drinking and watering the lawn but when you’re flushing your toilet that’s really impacting us so we only allow you to do that once a day," said Alan Crowetz with InfoStream.

That could have real impacts on consumers like Norma-Anne Chattin in West Palm Beach.

“I love Orange is the new Black," Chattin said. “I binge the entire season in about three days.”

She said she's online almost all day, using it for her online business and for fun.

If the new regulations pass many experts fear some of those websites could slow down dramatically. 

“The quality will have to drop or there will be interruptions. I mean (those are) real tangible problems," Crowetz said. 

Crowetz said it will also impact the bottom line of many small business owners like Chattin.

“I hope they leave my internet alone,” Chattin said. 

In 2014 big websites did a similar day of protest. Numerous complaints flooded the FCC and they eventually tabled the idea.

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