West Palm Beach police release tiger attack report

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - West Palm Beach Police have released a report into the April death of Staci Konwiser, a keeper at the Palm Beach Zoo who was attacked by a tiger.

The report includes numerous interviews with employees at the scene.

One stated Hati was Konwiser's favorite tiger at the zoo.

Another employee says they tried to use meat to lure the tiger away from Konwiser's body after the attack but it did not work. The zoo worker said that under normal circumstances ‘Hati is hard to coax as he is pretty stubborn.’

Asked why Konwiser was in the night cage, another employee said she could have been doing cleanup but wasn’t sure.

The medical examiner, and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have released their reports into Konwiser's death.

Another report from OSHA has not yet been made public.

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