Water turned off at West Palm Beach condominium

Posted at 11:14 PM, Aug 04, 2016

UPDATE: The city of West Palm Beach is giving the HOA for the Green Terrace Condominium until Tuesday to pay the water bill, extending their deadline.


Residents at the Green Terrace Condominium are stocking up on bottled water after the water was shut off at their complex Thursday.

The HOA for the building refuses to pay the water bill, now tenants say they're going to have to find other places to live.

A judge decided not to hold a hearing on the issue.

For residents at Green Terrace, a harsh reality sets in. The water has officially been turned off.

Angela Ciriello has spent her entire day preparing for the inevitable.

"Buying water, filling containers doing what I can."

She's helping out others living there, who weren't even aware of the shut down.

"If I can help. I'm going to try and help," says Ciriello.

Aura Cortez stocked up on water for her family and knows others here are doing the same thing.

"Everybody is affected by this," says Cortez.

The HOA for Green Terrace says it can pay the water bill now close to $30,000. An attorney for President Sandra Matus said there's just no money.

Attorney Bill Pincus who represents several residents says that's not true.

"There absolutely is money. There's $19,000 that's available."

Meanwhile residents must move out within six days. Cortez says she's talking to realtor hoping she can find a place to live soon.

"You have to keep looking. You have to keep doing what is necessary to do because the six days is going to come."