11-year-old forced out of car at gunpoint in WPB

Posted at 6:16 PM, Apr 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-07 18:16:40-04

On April 5th, 11-year-old Angel Garcia's parents pulled into a space at City Market on Broadway to pick up sugar.

Angel didn't want to get out, as he says he wanted to stay in the car with his puppy.

He had no idea what was coming.

Police say surveillance video from the store shows Eliezer Diaz and Robert Hawkins as they approach the SUV Angel was in.

"I locked all four doors and they started banging on the door," Angel says.

As he tries to call his dad, the men head for the trunk.

"They open the trunk of the car, and said to give me my phone and hang up and pointed a black gun at my forehead," he says.

The men take Angel out of the SUV.

"I was like 'I'm dead. I can't move I can't do nothing. This is my day. My final day to live'."

Then one of the men tosses his puppy out of the car.

"They grabbed him by his left arm and just threw him and he cried on the floor," Angel says.

In the video, you can see Angel holding his dog as the suspects take off.

Then he rushes inside the store to tell his shocked parents.

"I gave thanks to God that he was there," his mother Juana says. "All I cared about was him being there. I didn't care about the car."

Police were able to catch up to both Diaz and Hawkins just a few hours later.

Diaz made his first court appearance Thursday morning.

For Angel, it brought sense of relief, a sense of justice, and a hope that life will soon return to normal.

"Play outside with my friends. Not be worried that somebody comes and hurts my family."

Diaz and Hawkins are charged with armed carjacking and robbery with a firearm.

Angel, meanwhile, says from now on he plans to go inside when his parents go shopping.