Travelers return rental cars early due to storm

Posted at 7:22 PM, Jan 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-22 19:22:44-05

Right now the east coast and mid-Atlantic are bracing for a whopping winter storm. Meanwhile hotels in Palm Beach County are getting cancelations and many vacationers are turning in their rental cars.

“We have to get back to New York," said Marcia Levitt, vacationing in Highland Beach with her husband.

That's their goal tonight.

“I wanted to come home,” said Norman Levitt. “My children asked me to come home.”

The Levitts are heading home, cutting their time here short.

“My kids said, mom come home,” said Marcia. “It's going to be really bad this time so i listened,”

They're hoping to make it ahead of a potentially paralyzing Nor'easter scheduled to hit New York tonight.

“I didn't feel like getting stuck,” said Norman. “I didn't feel like getting aggravated by the snowstorm.”

They're among the many returning their rental cars early.

The Enterprise office on Belevedere rRad is busy with travelers trying to catch flights before they're cancelled.

“They're telling me that they're pretty much scared and hopefully can get on their flights,” said Marquel Edmonds, the assistant manager.

Merrycarol Rossoff-Belfiglio dropped off her rental car a few hours early.

“I had the option of continuing this week in Florida and staying with a friend,” said MerryCarol.

She's eager to get home to Westchester for a different reason: to embrace the blizzard.

“It's our first snow storm and i'm a winter person, so i'm looking forward to playing in the snow tomorrow,” said MerryCarol.

Enterprise points out there's no extra charge for returning their cars early.