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Trash issues for some Palm Beach County residents

Posted at 6:52 PM, Sep 30, 2019

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — Rudy Kremmin, 95, is vocal about the new trash carts.

"Too heavy, too big can't move it by myself."

His neighbor Rosemarie Young agrees with him. "It's extremely heavy, about half my size." Homeowner Octavio Fermin who also lives in the Addison Lakes community in Boca Raton says there needs to be a change.

"What we would like is to get one that is half the size."

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Their HOA president, Robert Rodriguez, says he called the Solid Waste Authority about the problem about the trash carts.

"It's very unsightly too especially now you see them a lot outside because they can't even fit in the garage."

We spoke with Willie Puz, the Director of Public Affairs at the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County.

"They let us know that they would like a smaller cart and it's something that we are working with them very closely to make happen," said Puz.

He says people who need can reach out to SWA.

"If you have a physical disability where you can't move these carts, there is a back-door service that residents can apply for that needs a doctor's signature that enables the hauler to go up to a predetermined location."

Starting on Tuesday, Oct. 1, the automated and semi-automated trash pick-up will begin.

"You think of the holidays you think of parties you think of all of that waste that you are generating over certain events over the course of the year. All of that material has to fit into your cart or it's not going to be collected."

He says there are also new changes to recycled items too.

"You don't have to cut your cardboard down to a specific size anymore so that it fits in the bin. You can take that big oversize cardboard to take out the plastic and that foam packaging." And when discarding furniture. "So that sofa, that refrigerator, that dishwasher that rug, those big items you can only have three of those once a week at the curb."

There's also a reminder that yard waste left at the curb can only be six cubic yards.

For more information about the changes, call the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County at 561-697-2700.